Sons of Freedom

Sons of Freedom

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Jahr: 2017

Länge: – Minuten

Schauspieler: Lou Diamond Phillips, Jesse C. Boyd, Ralf Moeller, Ellen Dubin, Katherine Boecher, Sean Carrigan, Robyn Cohen, Tony Denman, Cris D’Annunzio, Kathleen Gati, Werner Daehn, Ilia Volok, Adrienne McQueen, Evgeniy Lazarev, Nina Bell, Katharina Magdalena, Susan Ziegler, Brian Lally, Jim Freivogel, Robert Brettenaugh, Philip Nathanae, Peter Windhofer, Brent Fidler, Dana Kelly Jr., Alexander Wells, Francesca Ursone, Tom Groenwald, Michael Keenan Byrne…

Regie: Harvey Lowry

Sons of Freedom is an epic tale of religious and political persecution. The story is about a pacifist group of Russian immigrants who settled in Canada during the turn of the century, after being expelled from Russia by the Czar]

  • Date 5. Dezember 2017
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