Islandic Warrior (1995) The Viking Sagas (original title)

Islandic Warrior (1995) The Viking Sagas (original title)

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Jahr: 1995

Länge: 83 Minuten

Schauspieler: Ralf Moeller, Ingibjörg Stefánsdóttir, Sven-Ole Thorsen, Þórir Waagfjörð

Regie: Michael Chapman

The film chronicles a long-ago time when men relied not on their intellect to make points, but on their swords. A mythical warrior ('Ralf Moeller (I)') wanders the snow-capped landscapes of the North territories on an arduous quest for vengeance. Amid nobles and schemers, saints and brutes, and lovers and fools, this Viking swings his sword for his family's honor, his beloved's hand, and the very survival of his pitiless culture.