And - Action!

And - Action!

Ralf's acting career started in Hollywood! His first movie (Cyborg) was quickly followed by a second production: Universal Soldiers (1992), alongside Jean-Claude van Damme.

Ralf with star director Roland Emmerich during the shooting of Universal Soldier (USA, 1992)

In 1998, Ralf became the first German actor to get the leading role in an American television series, "Conan The Adventurer". The successful TV series was broadcast in over 80 countries, and was shown on Germany's ZDF channel.

Ralf and Arnold discuss the art of swordfighting with a Samurai master (while shooting "Conan")

Ralf with director Sigi Rothemund while shooting "The Supercop and the Rowdies"

Appearances in blockbusters such as "Gladiator" (2000) and "The Scorpion King" (2002) followed. Successful collaboration with the German television broadcaster RTL regularly brought Ralf back to Germany for productions in his home country. For instance, Ralf played the lead in "Der Superbulle und die Halbstarken (The Supercop and the Rowdies)" and in "Held der Gladiatoren" (Hero of the Gladiators). In 2004 "Megalodon - Hai-Alarm auf Mallorca" (Shark Alarm on Majorca) came to German television and was enormously successful. More than 8.5 million viewers followed the summer action-thriller. The TV production achieved an incredible 38% market share and was a real hit (you can find information about all the films in Film).

Ralf really enjoys combining meeting friends and pursuing his career around the whole world. That is what keeps giving him the power to strive for his goals!